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French Bulldogs: Some Interesting Facts Even though the French bulldog has the word “French” in the name, they actually originated in the country of England as smaller versions of the English bulldog. The first French bulldogs originated in the year 1860 and they were created by French bulldog breeders that would breed a bulldog with a small terrier and then the offspring will be miniature sized bulldogs, which is actually quite fascinating. And the reason for the name of French bulldog is because France had really taken a liking to these little dogs and so the name stuck. The British people had a lot of issues with the name French bulldog and the reason for this is actually because the bulldog is a huge symbol and part of English culture, so it does not sit right with many English people to have a bulldog named the French bulldog. Compared to the English bulldog, the French bulldog is very small but looks very similar to the much larger English bulldog. The ears on a French bulldog are quite cute as a matter of fact because they are small but yet long and erect, very similar to the ears that you will find on a bat. The French bulldog also have a very powerful muzzle and their noses look like the noses you will find on a pug. French bulldogs have the same kinds of heads as the English bulldog, but their heads will be quite smaller compared to their English cousins. The forehead on a French bulldog is rounded as well. The appearance of a French bulldog is similar to a body builder because their front legs and shoulders are a lot more wider than their backs, and this makes it look like they have a lot of muscle up front. French bulldogs can be quite good looking dogs because they actually come in a lot of colors like white, fawn, and brindle, and their soft and short fur can also come in a different combo of colors as well. They have under bites and their eyes are usually big and dark as well. An average French bulldog will be around twelve or so inches tall and they will weigh around nineteen to twenty eight or so pounds as well. If you want to have a loyal and amazing friend for life then a French bulldog is the pet for you. These dogs are very sweet and they are also very playful as well, so if you want to have a fun pet then these dogs are for you. These dogs are known to be jokers and their personalities are all about goofing off and just being awesome. And that is the basic facts and the basic information you will want to keep into account of in regards to French bulldogs and why they are so awesome.Lessons Learned About Breeders

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