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Dubia Roaches: The Next Big Thing In The Pet Industry Whenever someone decides to get a pet, you’d always expect a dog or a cat, but there are rare occasions when people prefer something more exotic like the Blaptica dubia. The dubia species has several different types and the first thing you must do is pick out one that you would want to see everyday in your home. Brown colored skin with light orange spots on them is the most common physical description of the Guyana orange spotted roaches or more commonly known as the Blaptica dubia. Then you see a Blaptica dubia about an inch and a half in size then it must be and adult and these species are capable of reaching two inches and living up to twelve months. There isn’t much of a difference between the male and female wings other than the fact that females only have stubs for wings, but both sexes cannot fly. Do not worry if you ever find you Blaptica dubia out of its container because they are bound to be close by given that they cannot fly and they move very slowly. When you take a look at the roach family, you see that they are capable of climbing any form of surface and can even make burrow, but this is not something that the Blaptica dubia is capable of doing. Since you now know the basic things about the Blaptica dubia species, its time to learn further about how to care for a colony. The Blaptica dubia has a very simple diet composed mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables and it would also do good if you can add on a little grain, dog food, fish flakes, or even baby cereal. If you do not have time to invest on making food for your roaches or even the money to provide the right diet then you can always research online about other options regarding food for roaches. Always ensure that the food you give to your Blaptica dubia does not have molds in it. The colony might be put in danger if they ingest anything with molds. Also keep in mind that these are living creatures and they would need water to survive. A quick advice to make your Blaptica dubia from making a mess is that you give them crystal water rather than he liquid one. Just like taking care of any other pet, the water you provide must be place in a water container that is accessible to the roaches any time they want it and also so that they still have a place to move. You now know the details about the identity of the Blaptica dubia and the diet it should have so now we have to tackle on the environment they can survive in. Make your roaches live inside a smooth-sided container to keep them from trying to escape.Looking On The Bright Side of Services

Looking On The Bright Side of Services