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A Guide to Searching for High Quality French Bulldog Breeders The French Bulldog is a stocky, muscular, little dog with enormous bat ears, beautiful huge eyes, and mooshed-in face. Do not let their size deceive you though, because they are full of energy and attitude. The French bulldog’s heritage originates from a group of dogs called mastiffs, who were popularly used as guard or watch dogs. The heritage of the French bulldog is easy to determine based on its unique physical characteristics. It has a smooth coat and an uncropped tail which is straight by nature. Its head is square shaped and large and it has wide set dark eyes. It possesses what are typically called as bat ears, because they are rounded on the upper part and broad at the base. Its coat is usually a fawn color that ranges from pale to a darker brown and has markings or patterns. Issues with Breeding French Bulldogs
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Due to the typical features of French bulldogs such as their small bodies, flat faces, and pug noses, they often have to deal with respiratory problems. They also need assistance when they are giving birth, typically by c-section, because the heads of the puppies are too wide to be birthed naturally. They also cost a lot in price and their regular upkeep can also cost their owners a lot of money. Due to these issues, it is essential to choose a high quality breeder.
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What Makes a Good French Bulldog Good Breeder Reputable Breeder – Make sure that you find a breeder who is actually educated and knowledgeable about the breed. Choose a breeder who will offer a guarantee on the dog’s health and will be able to back up his reputation with the appropriate credentials and paperwork. This is important because you are bringing home a pup that will be your companion for years to come and you need to ensure that he is healthy and socialized. When you visit the breeder, do not hesitate to ask him questions about the care, grooming and discipline of your dog because he will have extensive knowledge of how you can take care of your dog properly. Ethical – Good breeders should not be running illegal puppy mills where purebred dogs are bred incessantly without regards to their health and kept caged until they are sold at puppy auctions or to puppy brokers. Dogs in puppy mills are mistreated and may be ill from filthy or cramped conditions. To be able to check this, ask the breeder if you can see the mother of the puppy because an ethical breeder will have nothing to hide. it is a typically a sign that something is wrong if the breeder will not allow you to meet the mother.