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Hints That it’s Time to Replace a Roof

A great deal of homeowners will only replace or repair their roof the moment it starts leaking. This is by far the most foolproof way to identify problems on your roof and deal with them. The different factors to look out for will always vary depending on the roof type and your location. Here are the most common factors to consider.

The age of your roof

Your roof will have a varied lifespan depending on its type. An asphalt shingle roof, for instance, has a 25 years max lifespan while iron sheet roofs might have a longer life expectancy. When counting the age of the roof, you should remember not to take into account any repairs or comprehensive overhauls done on the roof as long as they did not replace its entire structure. Count back to the year when your original roof structure was installed. This will help you get the age and deduce whether you have to replace your roof or not.

Curling and buckling

Curling and buckling roofs look ugly and rickety. If the roofing material is losing its original look and shape, the chances are that it has outlived its benefits. Asphalt shingles will curl and lose the granules. Asphalt shingles, for instance, will curl and lose their granules while iron sheets will buckle, curl around the edges and lose their natural stiffness. You will have to call in an expert to tell if it is a roof-wide problem or a localized wear that can be handled by a mere repair.

Weak roof valleys

Roof valleys are the most important sections of the entire structure. Most of the water and the snow will flow through this section of the roof on its way down. This makes them the first part of the roof to wear and succumb to the constant tear and wear. Inspecting the roof valleys more often will give you a great idea of the condition your roof is in. You should also look for any plants, moss and mold and inspect its effect on the roof valleys before making the decision.

Physical damage

This is the simplest way to tell if you will need a roof replacement. A tree branch or a heavy storm could be a cause. Wile patching up the roof might be a good idea, the damage could be structurally irreparable hence forcing you to replace your roof. A good roofing contractor will inspect your roof and help you make the tradeoffs when choosing between a complete overhauls and major repairs.

Age and the overall strain your put on your roof should be more than enough to tell you whether it is time to replace everything. Replacing the roof when the time is due will save you extra repair bucks.
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