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Understanding the Methods of Pest Control The first use of pest control was recorded in 2500BC with the Sumerians using sulphur to control insects. Further efforts of the Chinese in 1200BC on how to control insects led them to use chemicals. With their advanced knowledge, the Chinese continued developing more sophisticated methods and chemicals to control insects for crops and to their comfort. Succeeding people around the globe, from the Egyptians to the Romans and Arabs, developed different ways to control pests. The people in these countries before even relate pests to evil because it brings destructions to their food, crops and livestocks. With the new discoveries and commercial needs to secure crops and livestock from pests, pest control became more systemized worldwide. Pest control today is carried out by farmers and pest control specialists, turning it into a big industry and business.
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We will continue to be affected with pests and sooner it could be present anywhere, whether in the kitchen, or in our vegetable garden.
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There are some questions generally asked about pest control. Many of us would wonder if pests can ever be controlled or diminished, or if pesticides are safe and effective, or when and how pesticides can be used. Managing pests is the best and most effective way to control pests and usually it involves many ways. The basic important step in pest control is identifying the pest problem. It includes clarifying the nature of what is really the pest problem. Identifying between the helpful pests from the harmful pests is very important. The next evaluation is to know how much pest control is needed. The last step is to decide which available options you will choose from either the chemical or the non chemical kind. Using chemical pesticides is a good solution also for pest control. Using it around the home and commercial areas is not advisable as it can affect people. This is because if not used in a proper way, home-use pesticides can be poisonous to humans. The most important thing to do consider when using chemical pesticides is to be sure in choosing the right pesticide product. Another effective way is using the biological method in pest control. The natural enemies of the pests can be used in this method to control the pests. Some of these beneficial bugs that are the natural enemies of pests are spiders, centipedes, ground beetles and ants. There are also do-it-yourself pest control products that you can use if you are knowledgeable in dealing with the pest problems. These DIY pest controls are cheap and can save you money without sacrificing the quality and its effectiveness. Pest control products made as do-it-yourself kind comes in natural and organic solution.