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How to Still Care for Your Pet When You’re Not Around Owning a pet can make a huge difference in your life. With them around, there is no place for depression, stress or anxiety to lurk in. They can help improve your health, both physically and mentally. To return the favor, all you have to do is care for your pet unconditionally. However, there are instances that may hinder you from being with your pets at all times. Your busy work schedule may keep you away from home for long hours. There are also instances when you will be required to go out of town for business ventures. In these instances, you can simply take your pet with you. However, there are a few challenges in doing so. Hotel restrictions, for instance, are a common issue. Sometimes, hotels will not allow pets in their vicinity but nowadays, you can find pet-friendly hotels. Letting your pet stay in your hotel may incur additional charges and an agreement that you will follow their rules and policies with regards to your pet’s stay. Certainly, traveling with your pet can be risky. There’s a chance that your pet may be afraid, anxious or uncomfortable during travel. When they are grumpy, you will have to know what to do. Getting ticks, fleas and intestinal roundworms is also a common concern. By far, the chance of losing your pet while traveling, is the biggest obstacle you have to prepare for.
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In instances when you cannot care for your pet due to time constraints and/or work responsibilities, you can ask your neighbors or friends to look after them while you are gone. In case that is not possible, you may also entrust them to part-time pet sitters who can look after them in your home. This will allow your pets to stay on their regular routines without having to adapt to a new environment. Most sitters may offer services on per-visit or per-day rates. But if you want someone professional with ample knowledge and experience in caring for pets, you may want to consider bringing your pets to a dog daycare. Boarding kennels provide short-term care and services to pets whose owners are away on a business trip. Other than boarding, their services usually include grooming and training classes, among others.
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The yellow pages is the usual source of information if you want to find boarding kennels in your location. If your neighbors and friends have recommendations, it will make the search easier. Your veterinarian can also refer you to a probable option. If not, you can inquire via the Better Business Bureau for options. Once you have potential kennels to go to, you may call them ahead to find out if they can accommodate your pet. Usually, it can be tough to make reservations during peak season or if, in case, your pet will require special handling or accommodation. You should pay the kennel a visit before deciding to take your pet there.