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A Checklist To Stress-free Dog Boarding Avid travelers who own dogs will turn to dog boarding facilities when a long trip comes up. These facilities keep your dog comfortable, but you need to avoid making mistakes choosing one. Different dog boarding institutions are offering various services overnight or long-term, and you need to do your homework. You need to see the facility in person and if you are blocked from visiting, keep your distance. It’s through a visit that you will discover whether the facility, maintains elevated levels of cleanliness and enough space for every dog under their care. You should avoid a dog boarding establishment that has run down rooms and one that is choking with bad smells. The staff at a dog boarding outlet should be checked out to see if they are welcoming to you and your dog. Dog boarding establishments that employ cruel and discourteous workers will give you and the dog a bad experience, and you need to think about their approach once you leave your dog behind. Your dog should be in a comfortable place with quality care which is possible if you pay the right price to get quality services. It’s wrong to make haphazard plans on the last day since your pet will enjoy the stay if you had prepared him or her in advance. Planning ahead makes your pet feels relaxed in new environments, and you should acclimatize him/her to the facility days before you bid goodbye. Don’t take the dog boarding if you have not visited the vet to update on vaccinations and crucial medical status. The pet’s vaccination paperwork is required, and you need to provide all details about special feeding requirements if any. You need a facility with friendly staff although you should check their training and skills when handling pet health emergencies. The pet handling staff should be able to answer your questions in full and if they evade them, look for another facility. Your pet dog is prone to stress, and it’s important to ensure there is ample kennel space instead of choosing an overcrowded facility.
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If you leave the dog behind in extreme weather conditions, make sure that there are measures to keep your dog safe from freezing or scorching in intended heat. It’s important that you ask about playtime and socialization methods while choosing a facility where your pet will also get personalized attention from the staff. It’s important to ask other dog lovers to give suggestions about a reliable facility where the pet care is top notch. To alleviate your fears once you leave town, always crosscheck the dog boarding facility reviews and customer feedback.What I Can Teach You About Pets